Security Consultancy

We advise you an unbiased, objective and impartial. After reviewing your needs, we make the right recommendation for your business and your budget. Our security professionals entirely already has experience of the corporate scale and meet the highest standards of confidentiality and careful in acting. No matter how tight or business you will prosecute security requirements, we can recommend a solution that aims to complement your satisfaction. Our service risk assessment the risk assessment activities of the Security company will identify all your security problems. An effective security policy begins with an evaluation of your organization against any weaknesses in your current security system, or the potential risks for any new locations. Security Reviews and security audit auditing is an important task for all organizations.We can conduct an in-depth audit of security over your organization, to ensure that your security system has kept pace with the changes that exist in your business.

Security System Planning

SIGAP specialises in designing and planning security systems for events, projects, new business setup, business expansion and complete security solutions for any industry.

Innovation, flexibility and reliability
All of our security systems are designed to meet your exact requirements, budget and expectations. We have developed our systems using best practice solutions combined with innovative advances in security to deliver the best possible security solution for our customers.
Our solutions include everything you need for a complete security system including CCTV and technical security design and planning, security officer operating procedures, access control system design, evacuation and emergency plans, communication network design and management training on each element.
By availing of our implementation solutions, customers can also ensure that these plans are put into place in an efficient and effective manner. We can oversee every aspect of the implementation and train all staff on their specific duties and responsibilities. Our service also includes system reviews to ensure long term reliability of your security system.

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