Duties and Responsibilities Securing an asset, agency, project, building, property or place and monitoring equipment, supervision, inspection and access points, to ensure security and prevent accidental damage. Conduct preventive security measures. Control traffic by directing drivers. Complete the report by recording observations, information, events and monitoring activities.

Maintain the environment by monitoring and regulating buildings and equipment controls. Maintain organizational stability and reputation by meeting legal requirements. Ensure the operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements following instructions, evaluating new equipment and techniques. Contributions to the team’s efforts to achieve the relevant results needed.

Prevent and early detection of intruders, activities or people who enter illegally, vandalism or jumping fences in the area where the company is located (gebied ruimte gebied territory) Prevents and early detection of theft, loss, misuse or embezzlement of tools, machines, computers, equipment, inventory of goods, money, bonds, shares, records or documents or securities owned by the company Protect (escort) against physical hazards (people and goods that are assets owned by a company or individual) Conduct control controls, traffic control (people, vehicles and goods) to guarantee the protection of company assets Conduct compliance efforts, enforce rules and implement company policies, work regulations and practices in order to prevent crime from reporting and early handling (TPTKP) against violations of Reporting and handling incidents and requests for assistance from security guards, including concept, installation and maintenance of the system alarm. Requirements Good character, mental and moral. Healthy and well-built. Physically and mentally healthy.

Garda Pratama Certificate training from the National Police. Accustomed to working with S.O.P. Accustomed to working with teams.

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