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Good Corporate Governance

Management of SIGAP as aligned with Astra’s principle believes that every decision made in the course of conducting the Company’s business should be in accordance with the Catur Dharma.

For the implementation of the Vision & Mission of the company we continually strengthen our competence in various business aspects such as: the enlargement of network services, reliable human resources, sustainable development and supervision, modernized management and operational system and competence based organization. We refer our priority to optimal use of up to date security technology in daily operations at work installations nationwide.

Vision & Mission


“To become one of BUJP company with management the best in Indonesia by providing the best management through human resource management and customer satisfaction”.


  1. Provide the best solution in security services to achieve customer satisfaction.
  2. Provide the best quality of product and services.
  3. Conduct professional management according to good corporate governance.
  4. Conduct the training to establish professional employees and continous improvement of management system.

Our History

We are inspired by the needs of the security services at Astra Corporate Group which have special standards in terms of security, especially regarding the management and legality of each of its personnel.In 2002, Astra Cooperative established PT Sigap Prima Astrea where it initially concentrated on meeting the needs of safeguards and security systems for Astra Corporate Group.With the trust given by PT Astra International Tbk, in 2004 the management of PT Sigap Prima Astrea decided to expand the business and fulfill the safeguards and security systems in other companies.PT Sigap Prima Astrea is committed to expanding the distribution network of security guards, technology-based security systems, security training and consulting in the field of security spread throughout Indonesia.

Board of Director

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