Rescue team

Executive protection and Bodyguard for Personal security, both for private, VIP visits, and the Executive, we offer a package of special safeguards. People who can save your life should be someone you really trust. We’ll make sure you get only the best professionals in the business. In our SIGAP provides the best protection, both to safeguard the protection of security and the provision of close your business, yourself, your family or your activities, our Security Specialists are highly trained and professional Agent a reliable and available anywhere in Indonesia and we will secure You every time. Our promise is to ensure the overall security of our customers while you are in our specialist areas that are sprightly and defensive. SIGAP provides personal protection ranging from an individual who visited the region of Indonesia and are looking for an escort to the CEO or Executive who is in danger, every situation will be fully assessed and planned in advance to present a very personal protection most excellent and very close.

Special teams that are deployed specially for handling accident, natural disasters such as flood relief and other evacuation.

Security Officer


The guards boasted in the services provided by us.With the ability and experience are enhanced with a hard workout, our quality service is equipped with technology implementation and supervision are structured. Our service application are present ranging from private residences to protection of top executive customers up to grade-A multi-storey building, to the resources and facilities of the hotels.We have resources dedicated to sustainable improvement and training in order to provide a superior quality service consistently for all our customers. SIGAP supplying and managing the security personnel in a 24-hour basis, 365 days for a wide variety of locations. These services include audit location or risk assessment to determine what is needed and the best methods of operation. Our services include every business category in the hinterlands and urban.

Guards for specific activities can be placed in various positions all over the place in this event/activity. Some of them can sit at the table and ticket checking security of participants or belongings. They can also check bags or other items brought into the venue for the action of the smuggling. In some cases, they can monitor the electronic surveillance equipment to ensure that no one is breaking the law or the rules of the venue. Other special activities of the guard stationed at the base area of the venue. They observe participants, and can hold anyone who violates the rule of law or the rules of the venue. These guards also had to do crowd control, and may be required to supervise parking or traffic directly/during the event until the event is completed. Guards for our Special Events commonly referred to as a task force can be used for any activities that presented such as: concerts, Bazaars, funerals, demonstrations, meetings or executive meetings, etc.

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