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Inspired by the need of security guard service in Astra Corporate Group who whishes standardization for security personnel, especially in terms of management and personnel legality, then in 2002 SIGAP prima astrea established by the Astra Employee Cooperation which at first focused on fulfilling the internal security needs for Astra Group in all parts of Indonesia. And on its run, SIGAP prima astrea has developed its scope of services to other companies outside of Astra Group.

Licenses officially issued by the Indonesian Police Headquarters held by SIGAP prima astrea are as follows: Security Guard Provider, Security Service Consultant, Security Training & Education Center, and Security Equipment.

At the end of the third year in 2004 with the trust given by ASTRA Group, our management decided to enlarge its network to satisfy the needs or demands for security guards from businesses outside of ASTRA Group. Based on this policy, SIGAP prima astrea continues to seek for opportunities to enlarge its market shares by looking at both national and international middle size companies which have nationwide operational scope.

We serve various of business area such as: Agro Business, High Rise Building, Automotive, Banking, Financial Services, Heavy Equipment, Industry, Manufacturing & Factory, Office Complex, Oil and Gas Companies, Pharmacy & Chemical & Catering, Telecommunication, Transportation & Warehousing, Water Industry, and many others which makes SIGAP prima astrea grow bigger and exist all over the archipelago.

With the combinations of security management competences in ASTRA group and Corporate Security Center Division of ASTRA International as well as the ASTRA International employee’s cooperation management competence, we have developed into a reliable Security Service Corporation (BUJP) by applying Good Corporate Governance and operational excellence in our services. Along with the trust given by ASTRA companies group and good work relationship with Indonesian Army and Police (TNI & POLRI), SIGAP is able to satisfy the company’s demand by giving its best services in the form of security service provision. By December 2011 SIGAP had employed 7.400 security guards deployed at more than 150 companies spreading in almost 110 cities in Indonesia, with more than 1.173 security installation units. We have 19 representative offices, which one area supervisor is positioned in each area and also have Company Representative Head who is able to be at your service.

"being the best means doing better all the time"